Indoor Fun

165yogibu17083 ca yogi l at RV Park Caledonia WIGame Room

Who is the video game master in your family? Make him or her prove it in our large game room. No vacation is complete without the kids beating Mom or Dad in a game of air hockey!  If that doesn’t get you excited, all of our new games will! Enjoy playing one of three variations of Ski Ball, test your aim by shooting hoops, try out slam-a-winner, Deal or No Deal, or see how many tickets you can land on when you play cyclone!  We have lots of new games where you can win tickets to redeem for prizes in our store!

Yogi Bear™ Cave

Yogi Bear loves children and children love Yogi Bear. You can help wake Yogi Bear in the morning and you can come listen to his bedtime story and help tuck him in at night. Anytime you can write him a letter or draw him a picture to decorate his cave walls and leave it in his very own mailbox.