Food and Shopping

Ranger Station and Store036yogibu17083 ca yogi s at RV Park Caledonia WI

Your flashlight ran out of batteries. Your toddler wants a pool toy. You packed only one t-shirt for a four day stay, and your wife needs chocolate. Ranger Smith™ knows all about it and he has a store for you in the Ranger Station. Don’t forget the Yogi Bear™ souvenirs for all your friends back home so you can make them jealous of your great vacation.

Ice Cream Shoppe & Espresso Bar

Don’t leave the Ranger Station without it. Without stopping for some hand dipped ice cream, that is. You can get it in a cone, or you can get it in a bowl and convince yourself it is low calorie. Everybody loves an ice cream shop when they are on vacation. And if you can’t live without your fancy schmancy coffee, we can make you a mocha, a latte or espresso, freshly brewed with the flavor of your choice.

Snack Shop

Want the family cook to have a real vacation? Bring your family to the snack shop for a burger and fries, a sandwich or a hot dog. If you’re here on a Friday evening, swim on in for our tasty fish and chips.  After a day of fun in the sun, go from hot to brain freeze in 60 seconds with a slushie, tornado or fountain soda. Ahhhhhh!